Taking a Youthful Approach to Eldercare

[On-Site Report: Taking a Youthful Approach to Eldercare]
This episode features unique business models designed to draw young people into eldercare, while also offering elderly people refreshing takes on standard care practices.

On-Site Report: Taking a Youthful Approach to Eldercare

Students at this caregiving school are also taught how to provide beauty services that meet the specific needs of elderly customers.
Younger tenants at this apartment complex are offered discounted rental rates as long as they agree to certain conditions that include checking on and visiting with elderly tenants.

Global Trends: AI Imaging to Enhance Athletic Performance

If wearable tech isn't enough to assess your athletic performance, how about AI-generated images that show you what you're doing right ... and doing wrong. Companies in Japan have devised systems to track your every move.

A ski resort in central Japan has an AI-generated system that lets guests watch high-quality images of their runs.
A swim coach reviews her student's technique with the help of video taken by 11 cameras installed around the pool and edited by AI.

In Focus: Japan Seeks Solutions as Births Lowest Ever

The Japanese government is sounding the alarm as a record-low birthrate threatens to hamper future economic growth and puts social programs at risk. We look at factors that may be making people decide not to have children.