Keeping Aquaculture Afloat

Aquaculture now supplies nearly 50% of the world's seafood. Despite its importance, many companies in the industry are currently faced with a variety of challenges such as rising ocean temperatures and increasing competition. This episode shows how some Japanese companies are using technology and innovative ideas to ensure their businesses remain afloat.

[In Focus: Stimulus Spurs Worries Over Further Yen Decline]
People in Japan are growing frustrated. They are seeing their wallets emptied out as grocery and utility bills rise. The government wants to ease the situation, but there's a big price tag. We look at the risk it poses to the national currency.

[Global Trends: Kapok Making Fashion Sustainable]
A growing number of apparel shoppers want to be both fashionable and environmentally-conscious. And many of them are learning about a natural fiber that can replace synthetic ones or material from animals.

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