Quest for Soil - Creating Soil to Feed 10 Billion People

There are 12 types of soil throughout the world. As a field researcher heavily into fieldwork, Kazumichi Fujii has personally collected each of them. He understands the lifestyles of the local people through direct encounters during his research. His life's work is addressing a potential global food crisis through soil. The global population continues to grow, and may exceed 10 billion in 30 years. The world currently feeds 80% of its population from only 11% of fertile farmland. Fujii's idea is to improve the fertility of the remaining 89% through soil. There may be a hint to that solution hidden in the soil of Japan. In this episode, we follow soil researcher Kazumichi Fujii, as he works to avert a potential catastrophe facing humankind.

Samples of the 12 types of soil Kazumichi Fujii has collected from around the world