Geto Kogen: Deep Powder Dreams

Geto Kogen lies in an area of Japan known as a gosetsu chitai—a region with extremely heavy snowfall. In an average year it gets as much as five meters of snow, and that means it can offer runs found in few other parts of the country. These days people come from around the world to find out what makes this resort special. They start their day with some fresh tracks, taking the gondola to the top ahead of the official opening time when the slopes are covered with pristine snow. They enjoy tree runs with deep powder snow through wooded areas that are usually off-limits at other ski resorts. And they head out for some backcountry skiing along with accredited guides. On this episode, Michael Keida and his wife Kumiko take full advantage of the JAPOW conditions at this gosetsu paradise.


Fresh Tracks

Tree Run

Backcountry Skiing