New Waves in the Kimono Experience
In this episode, we respond to Indian listener Subhas Chakraborty's question, "Do Japanese people still wear traditional clothes like kimono?" Our reporter, Bengali broadcasting announcer Kanika Bhowmik, who is from Bangladesh, visits a kimono shop where she finds out about the various occasions in which Japanese people wear kimono and learns how to put one on. She also goes to a kimono rental shop where the staff help customers dress in kimono -- something that is very popular among foreign visitors. She also meets a young Japanese woman who enjoys wearing kimono in new ways and looks at the latest kimono trends.
Reporter Kanika looks at tan-mono kimono fabric sold at a kimono shop
Kanika in a kimono. Many Japanese wear kimono for rites of passage such as the "Shichi-go-san" children's festival, Coming of Age Day and weddings
Stage actress Sora Okumura is among those in the younger generation who enjoy kimono as everyday wear
Sora Okumura likes to combine kimono with ordinary clothing