Facing Garbage Head On
A Kenyan listener sent us this message: "In Kenya, unsorted garbage is tossed into one place, creating bad smells and other problems. I'd like to know how Japan deals with garbage." Our Swahili service announcer, Martin Mwanje, looks into waste treatment in Japan. He visits Yokohama, a major city with large incinerator plants and recycling facilities, as well as Kamikatsu Town in Tokushima Prefecture, where waste is classified into 45 types and as much as 80% is recycled.
Martin visits Yokohama City's recycling center, which deals with recyclable glass bottles, plastic bottles and cans.
Glass bottles are sorted into three groups by color, and aluminum cans, steel cans and plastic bottles are also separated before being sent to recyclers.
Residents of Kamikatsu Town, Tokushima Prefecture, take their waste to the town's Garbage Station and separate it into 45 types.
The bags and stuffed animals sold at Kurukuru Kobo in Kamikatsu Town are made by local residents using discarded clothes and other fabrics.