Noodles Bring People Together
Workpedia Japan focuses on the lives of foreign nationals working in Japan. On this episode, we visit a soba noodle shop in Zushi, Kanagawa Prefecture, that's run by Bangladesh-born Muhammad Rezaul Karim Chowdhury. (This program was broadcast on February 2, 2023.)
Chowdhury first came to Japan as a student in 1993. When he tried soba for the first time, he immediately fell in love with the simple taste of the noodles.
Chowdhury insists on serving soba that are freshly ground, freshly cut and freshly boiled.
Kutsuma Hiroyuki (left) is the president of a flour manufacturer. He was impressed by Chowdhury's enthusiasm and taught him how to make soba.
Chowdhury set up a terrace on the rooftop of his restaurant. Offering a nice view of the town of Zushi, the wide-open space of the terrace is filled with the smiles of customers.