Radio to the Rescue: Indonesia
Tutura Radio is a community radio station launched in Sulawesi, an Indonesian island struck hard by the 2018 earthquake. A Japanese NPO called FMYY helped open this station, which aimed to provide information to the residents about the region's reconstruction. Established after the 1995 Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, FMYY has been offering multilingual radio services in Kobe City in western Japan. Using its experience as a disaster-hit area’s community radio station, it has also been working with Indonesia for over ten years, a country also prone to natural disasters. This episode focuses on the challenges of Japanese and Indonesian people striving for restoration through launching a community radio station. (This program was broadcast on August 13, 2020.)
Tutura Radio has launched broadcasting in Karawana Village in Sulawesi.
FMYY Director Hibino Junichi (right) has supported the opening of the Indonesian community radio.
Sukiman Mohtar Pratomo, who runs a community radio station in Jawa, also came to offer guidance.
Dewi Kurniawati, one of Tutura Radio's opening members, interviews villagers.