The Power of Memories
On this episode, we visit an elderly care facility in Kochi Prefecture, western Japan. Many users of the facility have dementia, so it launched a unique project to slow the progress of their condition as far as possible. It takes the form of online interviews. We'll follow the facility's efforts to keep a record of its users' recollections. (This program was broadcast on June 28, 2022.)
Amid the spread of the coronavirus, Choro Daigaku, or "university for elders" started conducting "kiki-gaki" or "listen and write" interviews through video conferencing.
Many people from across the country offered to step in when the facility decided to recruit new staff members specifically to handle the listening and writing.
Kido Hisae, a freelance writer focusing on wartime experiences, is taking part in the project in the hope of helping documenting the experiences of as many people as possible.