Life Lessons From the Homeless
A story from Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture, in southwestern Japan, where young people are engaged in activities to support the homeless and others in need. They are members of Hoboku, a non-profit organization, that has been providing support for 33 years. We look at the deep bonds that have developed between the homeless and these young people, which go beyond the relationship between those who give support and those who receive it.
Hanaoka Makoto, 28, offering food in the rain
Taguchi Yuzuri, 30, makes nightly rounds of the streets. Yuzuri had been going through a rough time in high school unable to get along with his classmates, but his encounter with a homeless man saved him.
Okuda Tomoshi is a priest and founder of the NPO, Hoboku. He has helped more than 3,600 homeless people to become self-reliant.
Nishihara Nobuyuki used to be homeless himself. He visits impoverished people in the community and talk to them every month.