Being There for Foreign Patients
In Narita City, Chiba Prefecture, east of Tokyo, there’s a hospital that many foreign patients visit. In 2019, the hospital treated 4,500 foreign patients from more than 50 countries and territories. Many of the patients have problems – they may be in Japan illegally or may not be able to pay the hospital bills. Dr. Asaka Tomomi works as the main liaison for foreign patients here. She does all she can to make sure people in need can get treatment. We follow her as she seeks a way forward despite the conflicts. (This program was broadcast on January 5 2021.)
Dr. Asaka treats anxious foreign patients with enthusiasm. Her motto is "If we didn’t take care of them, who would?"
Dr. Asaka works as the main liaison for foreign patients.
Dr. Asaka wants to be there for the patients she takes care of. But that intention alone isn’t enough. She has to face harsh reality.