Shared House, Shared Lives
We bring you a story from Fukuoka Prefecture in Japan’s western region of Kyushu. Hatake no Ie, or "House of Fields," is a shared house for people with disabilities, which is rare in Japan. All of the four young residents have severe disabilities that pose an obstacle to even communicate and require constant care. The program follows the lives of the four residents and people who offer support.
Mizuno Hikari has been living in "House of Fields" for two years. Suffering from cerebral palsy, she had lived much of her life at home or hospital with limited interaction with other people.
Hikari’s father led the effort to open "House of Fields." His aim was to create a place where people meet and produce something positive.
Women in the neighborhood arrive before lunch time. The paid volunteers, called "caretakers," take daily turns in carrying out chores, such as cooking and washing clothes.
Fukagawa Yusei has just moved in. Encounters with various people promote the four young residents’ personal growth.