Why Did She Pose in a Bikini?: Challenges of an "Ostomate" Doctor
We bring you the story of a 42-year-old physician, Emma Otsuji Pickles. After suffering from a hard-to-cure illness, she now has a "stoma," a surgically created opening in the abdominal wall. She recently modeled for a photoshoot in a bikini, showing her stoma bag. Her actions have encouraged people with similar conditions. We find out what led her to pose in front of the camera. (This program was broadcast on June 29, 2021.)
Since her teenage years, Emma had been in and out of the hospital more than 20 times, because she couldn’t digest food or pass stools. She was already 38 when she found out she had a hard-to-cure illness and digestive organs that barely functioned.
Emma visits the only company in Japan developing stoma bags. Hoping to raise awareness of what ostomates face, she decides to take off her jacket and show her pouch.
Emma’s photoshoot appeared in a TV show and elicited a huge response. Many ostomates and their families sent comments.