A Pillar for Brazilians in Japan
The number of foreigners in Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture, has grown rapidly with expansion of the manufacturing industry. However, an increasing number of them are financially struggling now due to the US-China trade dispute. There is a man they rely on, known as Paizão, or "big daddy." He is a Japanese-Brazilian who's been in Japan for nearly 30 years. This episode focuses on Paizão and his efforts to build lasting bridges between Brazil and Japan.
Takinami Sergio, the Paizão, or "Big Daddy." (right)
In addition to running a Brazilian restaurant and an NPO, Paizão devotes his days to supporting his Brazilian friends and deepening mutual understanding between them and the local Japanese.
Family of Yendo Fabio who lost his factory job and needs to find work. They moved to Izumo 4 years ago and had hoped to continue living here.
After 6 months of unsuccessful job searching, Yendo Fabio decided to leave Japan. Paizão had seen departure of more than 10 families.