Hiroshima - A-Bomb Paintings
Stories about people, stories about life. Hometown Stories offers intimate portraits of people from around Japan. Blinding flames swirling up into the sky. An abandoned corpse on the road. Such searing images are based on the eyewitness accounts of survivors of the August 6, 1945 Hiroshima atomic bombing. For over a decade, the survivors, or "hibakusha," have been working with local high school students to capture their memories on canvas. The 137 "A-bomb paintings" completed to date are a precious visual record of the physical and emotional toll exacted by the bomb. The paintings have helped some hibakusha face deep emotional scars. And they are an accessible resource for passing on the truth of that fateful day.
Hibakusha relate their A-bomb experiences to the high school students, who record their memories in paintings.
For the students, depicting hibakusha’s memories serves as a process to relive their experience.