A Dream Rekindled
Stories about people, stories about life. Hometown Stories offer intimate portraits of people from around Japan. Seasoned fishermen compete for catches of prized bluefin tuna in Oma, northern Japan, a fishing town known for its top-notch tuna called Oma Maguro. A 57-year-old novice fisherman came here from western Japan 4 years ago. Now that his daughters were all grown up, he decided to pursue his dream of becoming a tuna fisherman. Having made his own choice about where and how to fish, he aims to catch bluefin weighing over 100kg. We follow his journey as he battles through the rough northern waters.
57-year-old novice fisherman, Sakamoto Masaoki
Pursuing his dream past the age of 50, Sakamoto Masaoki lives in the fishing town during the bluefin season and sails out to sea in hopes of striking rich with the prized fish.
Bluefin tuna caught at Oma, Aomori Prefecture, is considered highest quality, and sometimes its price can go as high as 5 million yen, or approximately 45,000 dollars.