Fostering a Future for Fishery
Nakanoshima is part of the Oki archipelago in the Sea of Japan. One non-Japanese works in its fishing industry, which has thrived here since long ago. Aung Moe Oo is from Myanmar. We follow him in his efforts to pass on the island's fishery to future generations. (This program was broadcast on July 5, 2022.)
Aung Moe Oo has been working as a fisherman on Nakanoshima for 17 years. He now leads a crew of 12.
All 12 in his crew, including Aung Moe Oo, are from outside Nakanoshima. Many of them used to work in other industries.
Hamaguchi Natsuki (Left) has begun training to become a fisher. A graduate of a music school in Tokyo, she taught the piano while working at an IT firm before coming to the island.