A Ukrainian Boy's Martial Arts Journey
The hero of this episode is 13-year-old Artem Tsymbaliuk from Ukraine. He trains in martial arts at a dojo in Takamori, Nagano Prefecture, a town surrounded by mountains over 2,000 meters high. Artem is among four Ukrainian families that came to Japan seeking shelter from Russia's invasion of their homeland. The head of the dojo welcomed them to Takamori. Here's the story of Artem -- a budding martial artist who fled the war with his mother. (This program was broadcast on October 11, 2022.)
Thirteen-year-old Artem Tsymbaliuk from Ukraine, who trains in martial arts at a dojo
Artem Tsymbaliuk from Ukraine and his mother, Olena Volosenko
Artem and Ozawa Takashi, the chairman of Zendokai Karate, who decided to welcome the Ukrainian students