Living With Forest and Mountain
At the foot of the Northern Alps in Nagano Prefecture is the city of Matsumoto. Nepalese-born Lama Gyalu, who is from the Sherpa mountain folk of Tibet, works to preserve the natural environment of the local mountains. He makes use of the expertise he built up as a mountain guide back in his home country to perform a special kind of tree felling technique he developed. We follow him in his everyday work. (This program was broadcast on August 10, 2021.)
Nepalese-born Lama is an experienced climbing guide, having taken four expeditions to 8,000-meter summits.
Nagano is the area in Japan worst hit by a parasite called pine wood nematode. To prevent the parasite from further spreading, Lama cuts down withered pines.
Lama first cuts the branches that spread out and proceeds to gradually cut the trunk in sections, thus minimizing the damage to nearby trees.
Lama lives with his wife Mariko and his two sons.