Togo Tailored Kyoto Tradition
A young tailor from Africa is set to create a stir in Kyoto, a center of traditional Japanese aesthetics. Thirty-year-old Kabressa Deabalo was called the master tailor in his home country, Togo. We look at his struggles to prove his African-trained skills in the ancient Japanese capital. (This program was broadcast on October 12, 2021.)
Togo-born tailor Kabressa Deabalo
A jacket combining traditional Kyoto fabric with Deabalo's craftsmanship
A dyeing craftsman in Kyoto who inherits traditional skills (right). Deabalo was fascinated by his sophisticated technique.
Deabalo encountered Nakasu Toshiharu (left), a Japanese who had been struggling to connect Kyoto and Togo through fabric. The two men jointly opened a tailor shop.