Prayers for Peace from Okinawa to Ukraine
Appearing in this episode is Katarin Honma, a Ukrainian living in Okinawa. While working as an engineer, she had been enjoying a quiet life in Okinawa, baking bread with locally grown carrots, until Russia's invasion of Ukraine changed her everyday life. This is a story connecting Ukraine and Okinawa, Katarin's two homes. (This program was broadcast on June 7, 2022.)
Katarin is from Odesa, a port town in southern Ukraine. She came to Japan in 1992 and now lives in Itoman City on the Okinawa Island.
Katarin bakes carrot bread in her kitchen every day. She uses misshapen or blemished Itoman-grown carrots that are normally discarded.
After Russia's invasion, Katarin keeps calling her friends in Ukraine to confirm their safety.
Concerned about Katarin, Eimori Mitsuru (left) took her to a place where Okinawans who have experienced the atrocity of war pray for peace in the world.