Giving Japanese Knives a New Edge
The Japanese traditional craft of sword smithing has evolved into the skills of making modern-day kitchen knives. A considerable variety of knives have been made according to the types of foods, contributing to enhancing the quality and beauty of Japanese cuisine. Playing a part in promoting Japanese knives is Bjorn Heiberg from Canada, who runs his own store in Japan. We follow Bjorn's efforts to sharpen up the Japanese handcraft tradition. (This program was broadcast on May 10, 2022.)
Fascinated by Japanese kitchen knives, Bjorn received training at a cutlery maker before opening his own store in 2011. It sells kitchen knives from all over Japan.
Japanese knives made with the very essence of traditional skills. The thoroughly sharpened edge makes a perfectly clean cut.
Bjorn considers himself a "knife consultant," who connects makers and customers. He particularly strives to convey what customers want to artisans.
Bjorn visited Seki in Gifu Prefecture, a city famous for producing excellent knives. He asked an up-and-coming craftsman Kobayashi Hiroki to make a new knife. Kobayashi's knives are favored by some top-class chefs.