Vietnamese Vets and Hokkaido Horses
Urakawa Town in Hokkaido, northern Japan is a region where racehorses are bred and trained. Here, around 150 breeding farms produce more than 1,300 future racehorses every year. But in recent years, breeders have been suffering from labor shortages. Bao and Hieu have come here from Vietnam, employed by a farm that was hiring grooms. We follow them as they tackle their new tasks. (This program was broadcast on July 6, 2021.)
24-year-old Nguyen Van Bao (left) and 33-year-old Nguyen Van Hieu (right). Although they knew very little about horses at first, they are working their way up to becoming fully-fledged racehorse breeders.
This farm specializes in breeding and raising the horses before they are sent to undergo race training.
Bao and Hieu share an apartment on the farm grounds. Both of them are certified veterinarians, but they could not speak Japanese at all.