Sake Mastery Starts With Rice
From olden times, the area along the northern shore of Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan, has produced good sake, using pure underground water and high-quality local rice. This episode features Enrico Cupri, an Italian who devotes himself to making fine sake at a time-honored brewery, founded almost 400 years ago.
Enrico Cupri entered the world of sake brewing three years ago. He describes sake as "a beverage that touches the heart and soul."
Enrico is undergoing the rice-rinsing training, the first step of sake making. To understand rice is the basics of brewing. The time to let rice absorb water is adjusted according to the air temperature or the breed of rice plant.
Enrico takes part in the preparation of the year's brew. In the room called muro, koji mold is sprinkled on steamed rice and fermented.