Say Cheese! to Life in Okinawa
Located far into the ocean to the west of Japan’s mainland are the subtropical islands of Okinawa. Pamela Ann Matsunaga, an American-born cheese maker, is a single mother who’s been raising her five children here alone. With the support of her kids and the people of Okinawa, she aims to make the "best cheese in the world" using local goat milk. (This program was broadcast on June 8, 2021.)
At the age of 23, Pamela came to Japan to work as an English teacher. She mastered the art of cheese making at a university in Greece after divorcing a Japanese man.
Pamela opened her small cheese shop and factory at the shopping center near Kadena Air Base in Okinawa in October, 2020. She is particularly proud of her goat cheese.
Although goat meat is a long-standing food item in Okinawa, goat cheese was rather uncommon.
Except for the eldest son who lives in the US, Pamela's four kids live with her and help out with her business. They sure are proud of their mom’s cheese.