Overcoming COVID Together: A Story of Cooperation
A trading firm in downtown Tokyo sells high-quality spices and other products imported from India, the place of their origin. With no end to the pandemic in sight, President Nitin Hingarh, who is from India, has worked together with Japanese employees and has come up with various measures to weather the crisis. This program takes a close look at his days of challenge. (This program was broadcast on September 7, 2021.)
President Nitin Hingarh opened an Indian food store after seeing his fellow Indian expats in Japan having hard time recreating the taste of home.
As sales plunge amid the pandemic, Nitin has turned to an experienced Japanese employee (left) for ideas to win the heart of Japanese customers.
The worldwide spread of the Delta variant, first detected in India, has made the import of Indian vegetables difficult. He has decided to grow the green chili in Japan for the first time.
Nitin has succeeded in growing the green chili on a Japanese farm after a series of trial and error.