Two Countries Linked by Tofu
In southwestern Ehime Prefecture is the town of Uwa-cho. One local shop is famous for its delicious tofu. Living here while training as a farmer and tofu maker is Bhutanese Robin Sharma. We focused on Robin’s hard work, which is driven by his love for his the town of Uwa and for his home country of Bhutan.
Robin has been making tofu at a popular Tofu Shop in Uwa-cho for more than a year. To help ensure a better future for Bhutan, he focuses on learning as much as he can.
Tofu is made from soybeans. The soybeans are efficiently grown and harvested by this company. They use machines to quickly harvest the beans and automatically remove them from their pods.
The president of the company where Robin currently works hired him under the same conditions as his Japanese staff, and set him up in an affordable dormitory.