A Cozy Place to Live for Everyone
Tokyo's Shinjuku Ward has the largest number of foreign residents in Japan. Chinese-native Dong Xiaoliang is working hard in Shinjuku to help bridge the gap between Japanese landlords and foreign tenants. We take a closer look at Dong’s efforts to find foreigners a place in Japan they can call home.
Dong Xiaoliang who's been living in Japan for almost 20 years directs a company that specializes in brokering rental property for foreigners.
The "Living Support" department provides counseling to foreigners in their native language. For a fee equivalent to about 10 to 20% of their rent, customers can use this service in addition to guarantor services.
Dong lives with his wife, Ai, from Korea. The home they share is an important place where he can feel at ease. Home is the foundation of everyday life. This is what Dong believes in most strongly.