A University Fostering Exchange and Diversity: President of Kyoto Seika University, Oussouby Sacko
We follow Oussouby Sacko, the first university president in Japan to be from an African country. He's been devoting himself to fostering exchanges between Japanese students and those from abroad who've been increasing in numbers thanks to Sacko's efforts. However, the pandemic is making it harder for him to pursue his goal of a university open to diversity. (This program was broadcast on October 13, 2020.)
In 2018, Mali-born Oussouby Sacko competed with two Japanese professors for the position of president, and was elected.
Sacko came to Japan in 1991 where, at Kyoto University, he pursued a master's degree researching spatial design that encouraged exchanges between people.
Sacko strongly believes there is nothing like what we learn from direct experience. It's something he learned through his interactions with students.