Trail to Tasty Tokyo -Konnyaku-
"Trails to Tasty Tokyo" introduces a wide range of foods found at the city’s markets including Tsukiji, which for years was known as "Tokyo’s kitchen," and Toyosu, its successor. In this episode, we feature konnyaku, a springy food made from konnyaku potatoes that is used in many Japanese dishes. It can be simmered or fried. We visit Gunma Prefecture, the source of most of Japan's konnyaku, and introduce dishes using it. (This program was broadcast on December 20, 2019.)
Konnyaku is known for its springy texture.
Konnyaku potatoes are ready for shipment once they weigh over one kilogram.
NHK WORLD-JAPAN reporter Janni Olsson tried her hand at making konnyaku.
Konnyaku and walnuts with Gorgonzola sauce