Environmental Activist Tender, Part 2: Introducing His Ideas for the Future
In a 2-part series, we feature Yuta Kozaki, also known as Tender, an activist working on environmental issues in a unique way. Tender comes up with practical ways to use eco-friendly technologies -- from starting fires to 3D printers -- in everyday life, which he is trying to have adopted more widely. In doing so, he puts emphasis on thinking creatively and developing skills. In the second part of the series, we focus on some of the techniques that he suggests could be useful for everyone.
Tender created a recorder with the mouthpiece of a shakuhachi, or traditional Japanese flute. The mouthpiece is made with a 3D printer. It can be played like a recorder but it sounds like a shakuhachi.
A 3D printer can create objects if it's given data on height, depth and width (left). He made an aluminum-can cutter with the printer.
Tender learned how to start a fire from methods used by Native Americans. He rubs a stick against a board to create sparks, then places it in a bundle of fibers and blows on it.
His base, "Dynamic Lab," has tools and accommodation and is open to the public.