Environmental Activist Tender, Part 1: Technology and Creativity Are the Key
In a 2-part series, we feature Yuta Kozaki, also known as Tender, an activist working on environmental issues in a unique way. Tender comes up with practical ways to use eco-friendly technologies -- from starting fires to 3D printers -- in everyday life, which he is trying to have adopted more widely. In doing so, he puts emphasis on thinking creatively and developing skills. The first part of the series focuses on his current activities and experiences that inspired them.
Tender uses solar power for his lights, PC and other equipment.
Tender lives with his family at this house for an annual rent of 10,000 yen without signing up for utilities such as electricity, gas or water.
He collects and filters groundwater from a mountain behind his home for washing, bathing and drinking.
Tender (right) is a guest lecturer for the "survival science" class at Hooh High School in Minami-satsuma City, Kagoshima Prefecture.