Using the Power of Art to Fight Illegal Dumping
The Agbogbloshie district near Ghana's capital, Accra, is a vast dumping site for electronic waste, or e-waste. Tons of personal computers and home appliances from around the globe are discarded illegally there. Toxic gases hang over the neighboring slum, where the residents burn the garbage to extract metals. Many residents die young due to the hazardous environment. On this program, we report on Japanese artist Mago Nagasaka, who is trying to help people in the area through the power of art.
Ghana's national flag is the motif for Nagasaka's work "Sustainable Capitalism."
Nagasaka's work "A Youth Covered with Plastic" depicts a young man burning e-waste to extract metals.
Artist Mago Nagasaka creates artwork using e-waste.
Massive amounts of e-waste are discarded illegally in Agbogbloshie.