Future Design by "Imaginary Future Generations"
Future Design is a new technique that urges current decisions to incorporate the view points and interests of future generations yet to be born. Municipalities in Japan have now begun crafting development plans that use this method. In Yahaba Town in Iwate Prefecture, some residents pretended to be "future residents" from 45 years in the future. They discussed what kind of community they wanted their hometown to be. In this installment, we report on the present and future of the "Future Design."
Residents hold discussions, pretending to be future residents. They are clad in festival costumes to convince themselves they are future residents.
Advocate of "Future Design", Tatsuyoshi Saijo is Professor of Kochi University of Technology and Specially Appointed Professor of the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature. He was inspired by the Native American concept of considering the happiness of the next seven generations.