Targeting the Future of Farming Areas: Regional Producer Junichi Saito
In Japan, a sharp fall in the number of farmers has become a serious problem. But 39-year-old Junichi Saito is successfully carrying out innovative projects one after another under the slogan "profitable agriculture business." We introduce Saito, who is working to solve Japan's farming crisis with the ideas he has cultivated in Silicon Valley in the US.
Fresh lychees cost 1,000 yen each! (Grown by Tetsuya Mori, Shintomi Town, Miyazaki Prefecture. Their best season is early summer.)
Junichi Saito, regional producer
Saito (left) and Tetsuya Mori, a lychee grower
Saito (upper row, left end) and staff members of Shintomi Town's regional trading company, The Koyu Foundation