Feel Closer to Japan Through Yosakoi Dance: Noboru Inoue, Leader of a Yosakoi Team
Every August, the Yosakoi Festival is held in Kochi Prefecture in western Japan. Noboru Inoue, the creator of a Yosakoi team in Tokyo's Harajuku district, is trying to promote Yosakoi dance that's performed at this festival overseas. Thanks to its simple rules, Yosakoi dance has been growing popular abroad, and is performed in 26 countries and territories including the US, France and Vietnam. The program features Inoue's efforts to help foreigners feel closer to Japan through Yosakoi dance.
Noboru Inoue, representative of the Yosakoi team "Tenku Shinatoya Shin"
Inoue's team performing Yosakoi dance at an event in August 2016
A Vietnamese member (center) with naruko, an instrument indispensable to Yosakoi dance
Joint performance of Inoue's team and Vietnamese dancers in April 2017