Foreign Visitors and Capsule Hotels: Staging a Comeback
As an increasing number of tourists visit Japan, capsule hotels, a minimalist type of lodging that originated in Japan, are growing in popularity. Each guest is provided with a private enclosed bed known as a capsule. Affordability is the main attraction. Capsule hotels first appeared four decades ago. The industry struggled at one point but made a comeback in recent years as more and more international budget travelers discovered them. Now, stylish capsule hotels are sprouting up around the country. We look at what went on behind the scenes during their development.
NADESHIKO HOTEL SHIBUYA is a women-only capsule hotel. On the left are two levels of capsules with beds.
Chiaki Nakamura of KOTOBUKI SEATING developed a prefabricated capsule bed.
CAPSULE INN OSAKA, the world's first capsule hotel, when it first opened