Fire-Proof Structural Timber Makes Wooden High Rises Possible
As wooden structures attract the attention of the world's architectural industry, the use of domestic lumber is growing in Japan, which is known for its strict architectural standards. In December 2017, engineered timber with 3-hour fire resistance was certified by the land ministry, enabling the construction of wooden buildings 15 stories or higher. The program focuses on the development of the material and its architectural potential.
COOL WOOD resists fire for 3 hours. The gray layer of the gypsum board blocks flames.
President Kazuyoshi Kimura (left) and developer Hiroyuki Adachi (right) of Shelter, the company which developed the engineered timber.
The material was used for Nanyo City Cultural Hall, the world's largest wooden concert hall.
The pillars in the entrance hall are also made of the fire-proof material, using local cedar.