Episode 29: 'Second Career' - How to Live the 100-Year Life?
The keyword for this episode is "second career." In the past, it was common in Japan to work for a single organization until retirement and live off pension payments after that. But with the approach of a society in which many people live to the age of 100, that's beginning to change. The program considers how we can enrich our lives with a second career by examining the case of a man in his 50s.
Finding a good second career to spend a decades-long post-retirement life is a major issue facing middle-aged people.
Takashi Kawaguchi (center) has begun taking part in activities to support an NPO while working his regular job.
Kawaguchi is working on improving the operations of an NPO offering after-school care for children. The members discuss issues in a team meeting.
Hosei Graduate School Professor Nobutaka Ishiyama says the 100-year-life society offers opportunities for people to enrich their lives.