With everything going on in the world, we could all use some good vibes. NHK WORLD-JAPAN has got you covered with our podcast series Vision Vibes, highlighting programs that will deliver a dose of positivity to get you through the day.

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Alex Steullet / Host

Alex Steullet

Alex is a Swiss writer, content creator and brand communication specialist. He was born in the USSR, grew up in the United States and Switzerland, and obtained his Master's degree in human rights law in the UK. Alex started his career at the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, where he worked for three years on humanitarian and human rights issues. In 2016, he moved to Japan. Nowadays when he isn't writing or traveling, Alex can usually be found singing his heart out at karaoke.

Chloe Potter / Host

Chloe Potter

Chloe Potter is a broadcast journalist from London. Before moving to Tokyo in February 2020 she ran her own video production company, making content for Google, Sky, the BBC and Bloomberg. Prior to that she was a presenter for Sky News and Sky Arts. She regularly records voice overs and works as a correspondent for a British broadcaster and as a freelance presenter. She has 3 children, loves wild swimming and is an avid podcast fan.