Chef Rika's Three Ginger Dishes

2m 51s

In this episode, we'll be preparing 3 of Chef Rika's specialties made with ginger, perfect for the summer heat! Our first dish is a salad made with ginger and cucumber -- we'll learn about useful knife techniques, as we prepare a refreshing dish that takes advantage of crisp uncooked ginger. Our second dish is fried oysters with a ginger seasoning, coated with a crunchy breading to seal in the flavor. Last, we'll be making sui-gyoza boiled dumplings filled with a mixture of pork and shrimp seasoned with grated ginger, and topped with Rika's sesame sauce, made with plenty of finely chopped ginger. These 3 simple recipes offer easy ways to master different uses for ginger! [From "Dining with the Chef"]

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