Chef Saito's Kushi-katsu

2m 27s

Our theme for this episode is deep-frying. Chef Saito's hometown of Osaka Prefecture is famous for the casual favorite kushi-katsu, and we'll be making a beautiful twist on these fried skewers: crisp naganegi long onion and juicy tuna, skewered, breaded, and deep-fried to a crunch, and served with 2 deliciously addictive dipping sauces! We'll also be preparing 2 kinds of onigiri rice balls with ingredients from the Kansai region of western Japan, too. In addition to triangular onigiri coated with delightful little bubu-arare rice crackers from Kyoto Prefecture, we'll also be making cylindrical onigiri topped with nara-zuke, a pickled vegetable. Join us for a delicious taste of the Kansai region! [From "Dining with the Chef"]

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