Chef Saito's Hambaagu with Grated Daikon

2m 38s

Our theme for this episode is frying. We'll be making hambaagu with plenty of beef, served with grated daikon radish, for a delicious favorite of kids and adults alike! The hambaagu are made with bread crumbs, eggs, and other ingredients to make them juicy and flavorful, while the grated daikon radish helps give these hearty hambaagu a nicely light, clean aftertaste. We'll also teach you the secrets of how to prepare hambaagu that are tender enough to cut with chopsticks. For our side dish, we'll be making miso soup with a Western-style twist: bacon and celery! Miso soup works surprisingly well with nearly anything -- the rich flavor of the bacon is an especially good match for miso. The soup makes a delicious side dish for our hambaagu, for a perfect pairing. [From "Dining with the Chef"]

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