no art, no life plus: Hatae Hiroko, Fukuoka

no art, no life

10m 00s
Broadcast on November 27, 2022 Available until March 31, 2023

An artist in love, Hatae Hiroko's dream is to be an "attractive woman." Today, once again she'll pick up needle and thread and applies herself to needlework. Her final creations are small and cute string balls – 3 a day. The number of string balls increases day by day. This episode of "no art, no life plus" features Hatae Hiroko (36) who attends the social services center "MUKA" in Itoshima, Fukuoka Prefecture. At the center, she diligently does her needlework. When home alone, she draws, using colored pencils to create colorful rectangles and circles, filling pages of copy paper. Not influenced by existing art or trends, nor by education, these artists and their works are gaining worldwide recognition. Devoted to creation, not for anyone else or even for themselves, they have a powerful presence. The program delves into Hatae Hiroko's creative process and attempts to capture her unique form of expression.

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