Beginning of Spring (Risshun) / The 24 Solar Terms

The Seasons of Yamato

5m 00s
Broadcast on February 17, 2022 Available until March 31, 2037

There is the Fujioka Family Residence in Gojo City. This Japanese Registered Tangible Cultural Property gives us an idea of how the village headman and apothecary existed in the Edo period. It is also the house where the Haiku poet Gyokkotsu Fujioka was born. Its garden has a 250-year-old plum tree that blossoms in the cold weather and is very "old and strong." Despite freezing rain, the color of these flowers is tinged with spring.

*According to the 24 Solar Terms of Reiwa 4 (2022), Risshun is from February 4 to 19.

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