First Frost (Soukou) / The 24 Solar Terms

The Seasons of Yamato

5m 00s
Broadcast on November 5, 2021 Available until March 31, 2037

Before daybreak at the Nara Palace Site, frost forms on the vast field where ears of Japanese silver grass have begun to stand out. The edge of the distant mountains begins to whiten, and the light shines suddenly. It's sunrise. The Suzaku-mon Gate's silhouette emerges in the sunlight. When the orange sun rises from behind the mountains and spreads into a round shape, the frost melts to become transparent beads, covering the wild chrysanthemums' petals. It's the beginning of a new day.

*According to the 24 Solar Terms of Reiwa 3 (2021), Soukou is from October 23 to November 7.

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