Beginning of Autumn (Risshuu) / The 24 Solar Terms

The Seasons of Yamato

5m 00s
Broadcast on August 22, 2021 Available until March 31, 2037

At the Beginning of Autumn (Risshuu), the hot and sunny days would continue for a while yet. It is a sunflower field in Katsuragi City, Nara Prefecture, filled with gorgeous flowers under the scorching sun. We can see the signs of autumn inside of blooming sunflowers. A sudden shower passed. And in the panoramic view of Yamato Sanzan, the 3 mountains of Yamato, a rainbow appears. The sound is played on "Hyakunen (100-year-old) Piano" in the dining hall of Nara Hotel.

*According to the 24 Solar Terms of Reiwa 3 (2021), Risshuu is from August 7 to 23.

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