Episode 5 (Dubbed ver.)

Fill in the Blanks

50m 00s
Broadcast on November 13, 2022 Available until November 13, 2023

Tetsuo (Emoto Tasuku) finally accepts the truth behind his death. His son Riku (Saito Takumi) starts to warm up to him, and together with his wife Chika (Suzuki Anne), they strengthen the bond of their family. He and Kinoshita (Fujimori Shingo), whom he met at the Re-lifers Society, embark on a new business venture, and with the help of Ikehata (Takitoh Kenichi) a counselor at an NPO for suicide prevention, Tetsuo starts to turn his life around. But just then, news comes in that Re-lifers around the world are suddenly disappearing. Tetsuo realizes that he is running out of time and takes action.

Program Outline