Episode 2 (Dubbed ver.)

Fill in the Blanks

50m 00s
Broadcast on October 23, 2022 Available until October 23, 2023

Tetsuo (Emoto Tasuku) recalls that before his death, he had gotten into an argument with Saeki (Abe Sadawo). As he worries about what happened, he is shocked to learn that even his mother Keiko (Fubuki Jun) believes he died by suicide. Tetsuo starts job hunting, and in the meantime, works at his friend Akiyoshi's store (Hagiwara Masato). However, society is unwelcoming toward Re-lifers, and nothing goes Tetsuo's way. Just as he's heading for rock bottom, his friends and family throw him a birthday party. Things become unsettling when he hears about the secret between his wife Chika (Suzuki Anne) and Saeki.

Program Outline