Episode 1 (Dubbed ver.)

Fill in the Blanks

50m 00s
Broadcast on October 16, 2022 Available until October 16, 2023

"You died three years ago." A man is revived from a death he has no memory of. A suspense that soon turns into an emotional drama.
One night, Tetsuo (Emoto Tasuku) wakes up to find himself in a meeting room at his workplace. When he returns home, his wife Chika (Suzuki Anne) tells him in horror that he had fallen off the roof of his office three years ago and died. Tetsuo has no recollection of this, but he sees that the news is buzzing about "Re-lifers" who have come back to life. As he starts looking into the truth behind his death, he recalls a man named Saeki (Abe Sadawo), who had been stalking him.

Program Outline